Monday, January 9, 2012

Reading Romances Challenge 2012

Somehow I decided to join this challenge held by
I'm not so sure if I could make it, but it'll help me stay on the line.

As for JANUARY challenge (for more details: check here), there are 3 options, which are:
Read a book that is first of a series, by an author that is “new” to you or a debut novel by an author.
- Read a romance that has a teen as the protagonist.
- Read an Erotic Romance or Erotica.

I made a promise I won't read any Erotic Romance or Erotica, and I know nothing about romance that has a teen as the protagonist. But then I also made a promise not to read any romance in e-book format since I have more than a hundred books at home I haven't yet to read. To look for a first book of a series by an author that's new to me was quiet hard. Good thing I put one of those for-sale books in my room and I caught the sight of one of Jeannine Frost's book. Aha!
That would be it!

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